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Uncover For Summer - A low-fat approach
You've worked hard over the long winter months preparing to uncover for summer, sculpting your body to fit into this year's swimsuit or short-shorts. So we're ready to enjoy ourselves, and why shouldn't we? We look good, we feel good, and our calendars are jam packed with social gatherings. It's hot and we're hungry, but keeping that slim, toned physique can become quite the challenge.

Fast Food, Not Fat Food - Have It Your Way
We can continue to kid ourselves and vow never to eat another fast food meal again, and really, this time mean it. Get real! We're hungry and in a hurry, and lets face it - crave those hot, salty fries and great tasting burgers.

Holiday Eating Strategies - 'Tis the Season to Stay Lean
Ready or not, the long and happy holiday season is upon us. A mix of family and friends, parties and shopping, decorating, cooking, baking and most of all, overeating can cause a substantial weight gain and loss off fitness.

12 Secrets to a Tasty, Low Cal Lunch - Do Lunch Right
In today's fast paced world, it's still possible to eat right. You can make the mid-day meal low-fat and nutritious, yet quick and easy- while staying within your budget and not sacrificing taste.

Not All Fat is Created Equal - Learn the Truth About Fat
In order to maintain its good health the body needs a certain amount of fat. Fats, or lipids, are necessary for the proper functioning of cell membranes, skin, and hormones, as well as providing transportation of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K to all parts of the body. It's stored as an energy source, and protects vital organs. Fat also is the major source of fuel for light to moderate intensity exercise.

What's For Dinner? - Would You Believe Low Fat Red Meat
America's favorite dinner stand-by, beef, has gotten a bad rap over the past two decades because of its allegedly high fat content. But according to The American Dietetic Association, completely eliminating fat from your diet is not a good idea. Fat is an essential nutrient needed for energy and the transportation of fat-soluble vitamins.

The Incredible Egg - All the Protein You'll Ever Need
Eggs have been considered the standard against which all other protein foods are measured, because their protein composition is so ideal (second only to mother's milk). The incredible egg contains all of the eight essential amino acids (which must be supplied by the foods we eat). Our bodies are unable to produce or assimilate these vital compounds from other substances.

The Healthier Side of Chinese Food
Is Chinese food really good for you? I think a lot of people would give a confident nod yes, and if properly prepared, they'd be correct. According to the Food Marketing Institute, 52 percent of all Americans think Chinese food is healthier than most food they consume.

Sports Drinks -The Latest Craze With Generation Sweat
Sports drinks have become the latest craze with generation sweat, and have been proven to be effective in the battle against dehydration. According to the American Council on Exercise, �sports drinks are now recommended to exercising individuals, especially when their workouts lasts longer than 45 minutes�.

Don't Be a Breakfast Skipper - Avoid Rebound Overeating
No matter how busy life gets, we all need to make time every morning to sit down and eat a healthful meal. Our hectic lives which revolve around family, work, and school, force us to skip the most important meal of the day -- breakfast.

Keeping Fitness in the Family - Eating right together

Vitamize Your Diet! -Replace depleted supplies

What's That In My Food? -An eye-opening look

Apples -An apple a day... it's true what they say!

Tomato - Nature's own health food

Salsa - with fresh tomatoes, zesty & delicious

Baked Tostitos -bited size crunchy, low calorie snack

Broccoli - The super veggie

Risotto - with fresh garden vegetables

Popcorn Mini Cakes -Orville Redenbacher's 100% popcorn

Adequate Protien Intake Essential If You Exercise

Water, Water Everywhere -How much do you need?

Green Tea -miraculous substance healing millions

Colostrum -natural weight loss and immunity

Fuel up before you workout -eat before you train

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