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You Say Tomato, I Say...

Tomato, nature's own health food

Fresh ripe tomatoes are nature's own health food. They are rich in an anti-oxidant known as lycopene. is also available as an over-the-coutner vitamin supplement, as it protects cells from free radicals, substances that have been linked to cancer. In December 1995, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, published results of a study conducted by Harvard University. Researchers found that people who eat a large amount of tomatoes, or tomato products have a reduced risk for different types of cancer, including breast, prostate and lung cancer, as well as several others.

Lycopenes are part of a group of pigments called carotenoids, natural compounds that create the rich red and orange colors in fruits and vegetables. These vital compounds cannot be synthesized by the human body, and are considered to be the most powerful antioxidant of the carotenoid family. According to laboratory tests, lycopene can be twice as powerful as beta-carotene at neutralizing cancer-causing free radicals.

Tomatoes are actually a fruit and not a vegetable. Fruit, is the edible part of a plant that contain seeds, while a vegetable is the edible stems, leaves, and roots of a plant. Tomatoes were first cultivated as early as 700 AD by the Incas and Aztecs, and today Florida is the number one producer of tomatoes in this country.

Nutrition Benefits Health Benefits
Low calorie Reduced risk of:
Low fat Cancer
Cholesterol, sodium free Heart Disease
High in C, A & potassium Hypertension

When shopping for tomatoes, always look for bright shiny colored skins. They should be heavy for their size, and give slightly to gentle finger pressure. To maintain their full flavor, do not refrigerate. Cold temperatures will cause a loss of flavor, and turns your delicious tomatoes soft and mushy. Remember to always store at room temperature.

Tomatoes are extraordinarily versatile, and are in peak flavor from May to December. They can be enjoyed in soups, sauces, salsas, and salads, and are great to top off any sandwich or hamburger. For a great Salsa recipe using tomatoes: CLICK HERE


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