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April 29, 2001

Grean Tea, ancient Chinese tradition healing millions
Green tea has become very popular in recent years. Studies suggest the unique polyphenols that naturally occur in green tea have tremendous potential to prevent or even treat deadly diseases, including cancer, arthritis, stroke and cardiovascular disease. This remarkable substance also appears to act as an antioxidant, lower serum glucose and maintain kidney health. Today, many doctors are using green tea as an additional therapy, along with traditional allopathic medications, in the treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses.

Resource: March, 2001/ Life Extension Foundation Update:
The Life Extension Foundation is a nonprofit organization, and the ultimate resource for new health and medical findings from around the world, as well as state of the art nutritional supplements, including the highest quality green tea in a convenient one-a day-capsule.

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April 22, 2001

Colostrum, life's first food leads to miraculous weight loss
A company called Symbiotics, extracts this phenomenal compound from New Zealand pasture fed cow's milk. This pre-milk substance is an ingredient in human breast milk as well, and is passed from mother to baby in the crucial first forty-eight hours following birth. It protects the newborn from many viruses, bacteria, allergens and toxins. According to Daniel G. Clark, MD and author of Colostrum Life's First Food, bovine colostrum has been used for thousands of years in India for its physical as well as spiritual benefits.

Colostrum contains immune factors such as immunoglobulin (a naturally occurring protein) and poly-rich peptides (PRP) that regulate the immune system, promoting good health naturally. Growth hormone (GH), as well as other growth factors are also present in large numbers. GH, touted by some as the fountain of youth, is a remarkable substance having the ability to repair and rebuild muscle, bone and cartilidge, and as an added benefit, it increases the body's ability to burn fat. Colostrum, available in pill or powder form, can now be found locally at many vitamin and health food stores.

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