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The Adventures of Mary, the Overweight Aerobics Instructor
by Michael Stefano

"Everything in moderation, even moderation."

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In my last article I mentioned Mary, the overweight aerobics instructor. I got so much feedback on Mary that I thought I'd give my readers a little more insight.

While there might be many reasons why Mary is fat, the most probable culprit is the human body's ability to adapt to just about anything. Regardless of how much food you ingest or energy you expend, your body will have a tendency to anticipate the pattern, and begin to self regulate.

Self regulation - now there's a scary concept. Why not do nothing and eat everything, and allow the body to adapt to a self-indulgent pattern? Unfortunately, our theory isn't perfect, especially when it comes to getting OUT of shape and GAINING weight. Slowly but surely, weight gain will follow this self- indulgent life-style.

But on the flip side there appears to be some ancient code imprinted on your DNA that's not convinced food is always available, and with little, if any caloric expenditure. On some deep, cave-man-like level, your body still hordes calories in the form of fat.

No matter how little you eat, or how much you exercise, there will be a metabolic shift to accommodate any long-term pattern. The challenge is to eat sensibly and exercise in a progressive manner that you NEVER get used to.

What about Mary's boyfriend, Malcolm? He works out 3 or 4 days each week for about 30 minutes. Malcolm doesn't deprive himself in the kitchen either. Instead, he strives to eat nutrient dense food in multiple small meals and snacks, while eliminating most fried, refined, and processed choices.

What is Malcolm doing the gym in under 2 hours a week that Mary can't accomplish in 20? Malcolm has learned to challenge his body in minute increments, with every workout and on every set.

For Malcolm, exercise is a dynamic, well-thought-out process that has a specific effect on his body each time he picks up a weight or hops on a treadmill. In this way, he can control every step and prevent "going-through-the-motions-syndrome".

Hopefully, one day Mary will apply Malcolm's principles to her students (and herself). But in the meantime, take control and don't let your workouts become something your body doesn't respond to. Get a program designed for you by a true fitness professional, or do the research and create your own self-evolving, ever-challenging program.

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