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"Mike's grasp of what a working firefighter needs to operate safely and effectively on the fireground is unsurpassed."

                --Matt O'Grady, FDNY

"On Mike's program I scored 100 on the FDNY's FF physical!"

                --FF Robert B.

"In less than a month, I sliced a full minute off my 1.5 mile run"

             --FF Sean Lynch

" Thanks to Mike, I took a C-PAT this past weekend, completed it in 5:36, and was given an interview right on the spot. "

                      --FF Tom Day

" I lost over 50 pounds preparing for the FDNY with Captain Mike "

             --FF John Mola, FDNY

"With Captain Mike's help I graduated 5th in my class at the FDNY's fire academy"

                   --FF Tony V.

" After training with Mike, I ACED my first C-PAT with 3 minutes to spare. "

             --FF Melissa Brady.

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A team-setting is the perfect way to break into a job that employs nothing but team-work. Classes include basic routines and techniques necessary to pass this state of the art physical.


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Men and women from all walks of life can benefit from Mike's 22 years of training experience. Lose weight and get in shape on Mike's program.




I'm Michael Stefano, author of The Firefighter's Workout Book (Harper Collins 2000), and recently retired captain (FDNY). I am now offering my program to departments locally, and nationwide, via my Firehouse Workout Workshop.

Captain Mike addressing the troops Paid or volunteer, I'll show you how a few simple, straight forward methods are what work best. Introduce fitness back into your department in easy-to-learn, managable segments, and with a completely firefighter-specific approach.

Using a variety of modalities, from hard-core Russian Kettlebell (now being used by a few NFL teams) to the quiet discipline of traditional Yoga, you'll learn to re-program and reshape your body, create new performance-oriented movement patterns, while you blow the doors off your endurance levels, and explode strength, balance, timing, and coordination like you've never imagined.

The individual firefighter can expect to last longer on the nozzle and advance more aggressively, stay strong while performing truck overhaul, extend cylinder breathing time, climb many flights of stairs, easily handle heavy ladders, have no problem hauling large diameter hose long distances, last longer and recover faster, and most importantly protect him or herself from a serious injury or a fatal heart attack.

Firefighting generates extreme physical demands placed upon an already overloaded body. Today's protective gear, while superior to the lighter turnout gear of 20 years ago (in terms of protection from superheated gases), imposes a severe strength, balance, and endurance workload, and that process starts before you see a wisp of smoke.

Remember that firefighting is not only incredibly strenuous, but a highly complex athletic event, where all the elements of fitness play a key role in the final outcome and / or skill level of the participant.

The attributes of strength, endurance, timing, balance, coordination, agility, mobility, explosive power and speed, as well as the ability to react under extreme pressure are all involved at different stages of a typical fire suppression effort. My program addresses all of these.

Out of shape and / overweight is definitely not the best way to show up at your next big fire. Beside the obvious loss of endurance and strength experienced, lack of balance, mobility, and agility is a major handicap a working firefighter just can't afford.

My programs directly address your firefighter skills in a gym, as well as outdoor setting. Any weight loss issues are simultaneously managed with an adjustment in diet. The strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and mobility developed will spill over from the gym into every one of your firefighting abilities.

Advancing a charged line, pulling hose, forcing entry, search and rescue are skills that need to be developed in a safe gym environment, and then transferred to real life and fire operations. My program does exactly that!

For paid and volunteer fire departments across the country, I offer a Firefighter Workout Workshop that you can host at any local firehouse. Prices vary depending upon number of firefighters in attendance and travel expenses incurred. I'll show up at your facility fully prepared to handle dozens of participants. Attendees receive a free copy of my book and other related handouts. Firefighter-family programs are also available.


Mike Stefano owns and operates AcademyFitness, a fully equipped firefighter / rescue worker, strength and conditioning center on Long Island's south shore (15 miles from the New York City line). Mr. Stefano is also available for department-wide consultations that include gym set-up and equipment familiarization, as well as firehouse fitness workshops.