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Michael Stefano, FDNY captain and author of The Firefighter's Workout Book, has been training with NYC firefighters and men and women from all walks of life for almost 20 years. In addition to his book, Stefano offers Customized Workouts.

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Saturday, 10-Feb-2007 07:36:08 EST

Wanna Be a 10?
Here�s How �Ten Minutes to a Toned, Tight Body!
by Michael Stefano

Is this another too-good-to-be-true, promises-everything program? Sorry to disappoint, but the simple approach presented with this article is absolutely credible, and might actually be the best way to change the shape you�re in.

As with most things that are beneficial, if a little is good, than of course, more must be better. Fortunately, when it comes to exercise that�s just not true. Cutting back on the total time devoted to your program, while improving the quality of each exercise, can be the best way to get fit fast.

Scheduling Flexibility
How you go about scheduling a reduction in exercise is largely a personal choice. If performed correctly and at an adequate intensity level, each resistance or toning exercise needs to be repeated twice each week. And you can easily train your whole body with four or five quality, challenging movements. With a total of two sets per exercise, per session, you arrive at no more than 20 total sets in a seven-day period.

5 exercises that train the entire body
x 2 sets per exercise
= 10 sets

x 2 sessions with each exercise per week

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You need to complete about 20 quality sets � but that�s per week! Opt for four sets (about ten minutes) a day for five days, six sets per day for three days, or ten sets for two, it�s your choice. Either way, total time allotted to your program should be no more than 50 or 60 minutes each week.

Quality Over Quantity
If it�s so simple, than why is there so much confusion and misinformation? The problem lies in the typically poor choice of specific exercises and the quality of exercise execution. This usually leads the trainee to workout even more and wind up burnt out and generally disgusted with exercise.

To break the cycle, it�s vital that you take some time to consult with a reliable source, preferably at the very beginning (but at any point in the program if need be). Even with the sea of misinformation that exists on diet and exercise, there�s still plenty of solid, reliable knowledge to keep you afloat.

Cardiovascular Exercise
The main focus of this article has been on resistance or strength training, the absolute best type of exercise to help you tone, tighten and reshape your body. The extra muscle gained while strength training also acts a metabolism booster, raising your basal metabolic rate, or the amount of calories needed to just exist (as you sit at your desk reading this article).

Cardio is a separate issue, and can also be used to improve overall health and help eliminate fat. As an option, a sensible cardio program can be combined with your ten minutes of toning exercises.

Diet and Nutrition
Changing the shape of your body should never be discussed without mentioning the role of proper nutrition. No amount of exercise can overcome extreme overeating, but working out can enable you to eat more food without getting fat.

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