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New Year and New You A New Year and the Old You
Your 2006 Fitness Resolution Solution
by Michael Stefano

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It been a December to remember, and I feel like I haven't stopped eating since Thanksgiving dinner. Too busy for much of anything that isn�t holiday related, I missed more workouts than I made, and my body's paid the price.

My clothes don't fit, and I feel sluggish all day. I admit I've enjoyed my seasonal fall-from-fitness ritual, but now it's time to get back to the old me.

Does this sound familiar?

Every year we seem to lose just a little bit more of our old fit-and-trim selves, never to be seen again. Studies show that the average American gains about two pounds per year, every year after their 25th birthday. Doesn't seem like much until you realize at that rate by the time you reach 35 you'll be 20 pounds overweight, and by your mid forties classified as clinically obese!

This is all-too-common scenario has become a yearly pastime for millions, so you're definitely not alone. But what can you do to break this viscous cycle?

Resolution or New Solution

If you're like most Americans, this year like every year, you'll set about writing a list of New Year's Resolutions, to help make some important changes in your life. Quite possibly losing weight will top the list at one or two. Sadly, if previous years are accurate indicators, every resolution will be broken by Valentine's Day!

Any RE - solution, or NEW solution should be a fresh approach to your lingering problem. As much as possible, the new solution should flow with, not against, your current lifestyle. For example, if you've tried to lose weight with dieting alone, but have experienced repeated failures, you might need to modify your approach. Continue to eat right, but at the same time incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.

But what if I don't have time for extensive workouts?
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Then your new solution could involve CREATING the time. Either set up small, inexpensive home-gym, where you can steal away for just a few minutes a day (eliminates travel time), or join a gym near your office and workout either before or after work hours (during, if you've got a really understanding boss).

Your fitness or weight loss re-solution needs to be just that, a new solution to an old problem. Below are 10 new solutions that will help promote fitness and weight loss in your life.

10 New Fitness Resolution Solutions

1. Involve family and friends in your plan
Don't underestimate the power of physical and emotional support. The more help you can manage the better your chances of success.

2. Brown bag it
Plan for the inevitible. If good food isn't available, bring some of your own. This step involves shopping and preparing ahead of time.

3. No condiment calories
Eliminate ALL add-on calories like butter, sugar, mayo etc. These can add up fast and completely sabotage an otherwise solid approach.

4. Water only
Drink nothing with calories. It's not unusual for an average person to consume 1000 calories per day here. Switch to water or diet drinks.

5. Never get hungry
Don't allow hunger to overwhelm, munch on something healthy before you throw all caution to the wind. A stitch in time saves...

6. Almost every day
Workout in small doses, for a few minutes, as much as you can. Consistency and adequate intensity will get great results.

7. Variety is the spice of life
Explore different types of exercise until you find what you like best. Self-selection dramatically improves adherence.

8. A task worth doing
Make sure you're training according to established protocol. Be safe and avoid a sidelining injury.

9. Curb your enthusiasm
Most beginners tend to break into a full sprint right out of the box. Don't overdo early on, save some for later. Results will follow.

10. Have a back up plan
Develop a shortcut-routine that you can squeeze in anytime. Besides the physical benefits, it's important to keep momentum going.

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HAPPY 2006!
Mike Stefano and the staff at FireFightersWorkout.com

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