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More exercise photos and instructions can be found in The Firefighter's Workout Book BURN FAT

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More exercise photos and instructions can be found in The Firefighter's Workout Book GET FIT


With all we now know about the benefits of exercise, it's hard to believe more Americans don't workout. It's the closest thing yet to the fountain of youth, and truly the ONLY way to change the appearance, shape, and strength of your body. In addition, the health benefits associated with an intelligently orchestrated strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training program can add quality years to your life.

Everyone exercises for different reasons. But no matter your initial motivation, you still get ALL the benefits. Below is a list of 20 reasons why you should workout. If you can find even one benefit on this list, you'll have enough reason to begin an exercise program and take steps to take care of yourself.

  1. Regular exercise has been proven to...
  2. Help you lose weight, especially fat
  3. Improve your physical appearance
  4. Increase your level of muscular strength and endurance
  5. Maintain your resting metabolic rate to prevent weight gain
  6. Increase your stamina and ability to do continuous work
  7. Improve fitness levels, or your body's ability to use oxygen
  8. Provide protection against injury
  9. Improve your balance and coordination
  10. Increase bone mineral density to prevent osteoporosis
  11. Lower resting heart rate and blood pressure
  12. Lower Body Mass Index (BMI), your fat to height ratio
  13. Reduce triglycerides, bad cholesterol (LDL), raises good cholesterol (HDL)
  14. Enhance sexual desire and performance
  15. Reduce heart disease risk and stroke
  16. Reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer
  17. Increase insulin sensitivity, prevents type 2 diabetes
  18. Reduce your level of anxiety and help you manage stress
  19. Improve function of the immune system
  20. Improve your self-esteem and restore confidence
  21. Help you sleep better, relax, and improve mood

Simple exercises, like the Bench Press (below), is a great example of a movement that, when done properly, delivers big results in less time. Exercise illustrations on this page are taken from the THE FIREFIGHTER'S WORKOUT BOOK, and are part of the CUSTOM WORKOUT offered exclusively on this website.

Bench Press
Bench Press from the Firefighter's Workout Book Benefits�: ��Tones the chest, shoulders, and triceps while building strength and endurance in the upper body.

Instructions :�� Lie supine (flat on your back) on your bench holding dumbbells at your shoulders (elbows bent at about 90 degrees), feet planted firmly on the floor. Exhale and slowly press both dumbbells straight up and towards the ceiling. Inhale and in a slow and controlled manner, lower weights to the starting position. Use dumbbells that will allow you to hit muscle fatigue in the range of 10 to 20 repetitions.

Trainer's Notes : ��This bench press, a very simple but effective movement, has long been considered the number one exercise for the upper body. It can be performed with dumbbells (as shown), with a barbell, on a Smith Machine or other chest press machine at the health club.

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